Five (5) Best Activities for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up, so it’s about time for us to think about how to make our dearest and closest person happy. Celebrating that day is not just about giving her expensive or even cheap-DIY gifts, what moms prefer the most is your time. Creating a special bond and friendship that you’ll both cherish forever.
So, if you run out of ideas, do not worry because we are just about to share with you five (5) special activities which will definitely make your mom the happiest on Mother’s day!


“BAKING WITH MOM” Moms are the greatest cook in our world. Now is the time for us to celebrate that special day with our best cookies, awful or delicious, your mom will definitely appreciate that. Baking is a therapeutic activity for some people, but baking together is on another level which makes it a good idea. It’s fun which encourages teamwork and you could both enjoy the finished product of your cooking. Get your mom a recipe book wherein you guys will write down the fun recipes you'll find on Pinterest. Re-create, and see how well you both did. And oh! You could even come up with your own recipe!


“PAINTING WITH MOM” It’s very therapeutic to be just painting, find your spot where you can both paint your own sketchbook or maybe pick out the biggest wall and paint it together! That’s definitely fun! You can spend Mother’s day by painting with your mother’s favorite portrait, or you can even buy her the set where she can do it even if she is inexperienced. You can actually do techniques like "paint by numbers” where you actually paint on areas with light markings and each area has a number and a corresponding numbered paint to use. So, you'll be sure to paint something like a professional. Although it will take a lot of time, the outcome would sure look amazing!


“GARDENING WITH MOM” Spend the day together by starting your own garden. Get a gardening journal, choose a location in your backyard and sketch the layout from season to season. You can also place pictures of your garden there, list down the do's and don'ts, and their bloom times. Check from time to time, plant them with care, nurture it, and enjoy watching the plants you and your mom started, grow and thrive!


“SCRAPBOOKING WITH MOM” Moms love looking at old photos of their children. Take out your old photos from your family album, show her pictures of you when you were a baby, toddler, etc. Transfer it to a book perfect for safekeeping, and she will surely share with you little stories and memories from which she will smile from ear to ear!


“CREATING BUCKET LIST WITH MOM” Grab a journal, and write down activities that you both want to do during the course of your lives. Creating a bucket list together will make your bond extra special as you both will get to experience new things together. In the end, you’d be able to forge lasting memories as both of you will relate your new experiences to each other.


Those are all the ideas that we have to share with you guys. Special occasions like Mother’s day where you bond, can help you keep the relationship strong during times of miscommunication, hurting feelings, and even during your rebellious teenage days. You would eventually realize that gifts may matter, but the most important thing for your mom is spending enough time and showing her how much you appreciate her is more than enough.

So, don’t feel that spending that special day needs to be something extravagant, it’s all really just a matter of one-on-one time spent together, and connecting with her is the key.