Nomad Crafts Co. began in 2016 when Ishan picked a journey to live authentic by designing true-to-yourself leather journals. And we're still trekkin' it, encouraging the individual to step outside and reach within, to explore and to create.

How Ishan Tells it

"In the Summer of 2015, shortly after finishing my degree in London I was addicted to travelling and journaling. I was headed on a backpacking trip to Asia  and I debated getting six journals but that would've been an overkill, so I bought five. My buddies and I spent most of our time crossing East and South Asia. I jotted some notes down in Singapore. Scribbled some more in Thailand. A few more entries in Ella,Sri Lanka which was by far my favorite destination.

All in all, I wrote like mad. The post-university trip ended too soon but I had managed to track all 9 weeks of our journey!"

"That same year I was on a trip to Amsterdam . As I pulled my journal out of a rucksack a page fell to the ground. The next day…again, another page gone. Not cool. I was ticked at how the low-quality workmanship put into this journal was slowly destroying my treasured entries. Then and there—something sparked."

"I needed a journal that was maul proof and functional—something that wouldn’t hurt my style. It had to last longer than I would. After a disappointing search, I started designing a journal that was made of top-grain leather and handmade cotton paper. I was on a mission to craft it right with all the right ingredients”.

“My first handmade leather journal (now called the wanderers leather journal) was turning heads wherever I went. It’s quality and durability got me pretty stoked on other handcrafted pieces that we could make.”

“Like our top-grain leather, we’ll always wear the journey well in keeping our people, lifestyle, and community on the path of living authentic. So take a road trip. Wax your board. Hit up the mountains. Train for that race. Live intentional. We’ll be alongside you as you explore your inner Nomad“